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本文摘要:A New study by the British government has discovered the mental well-being of the countrys teenage girls has deteriorated.英国政府最近的一项研究找到,英国青春期女孩的心理健康早已相当严重好转。


A New study by the British government has discovered the mental well-being of the countrys teenage girls has deteriorated.英国政府最近的一项研究找到,英国青春期女孩的心理健康早已相当严重好转。The survey, which included 30,000 14-year-old students in 2005 and 2014, showed 37 percent of girls with psychological stress, up from 34 percent in 2005. British boys stress level was actually seen to fall over the same time period, from 17 percent to 15 percent.该调查分别调查了2005年和2014年的总计3万名14岁学生,结果显示,37%的女生不存在心理压力,比2005年的34%下降了3个点。英国男孩的压力水平在同期实质上减少了,从17%降至15%。The report’s authors pointed out the “advent of the social media age” could be a major contributing factor for increased stress among teenage British girls.报告的作者认为“社交媒体时代的来临”有可能是造成英国青春期女孩压力水平激增的主要因素。

“The adolescent years are a time of rapid physical, cognitive and emotional development,” Pam Ramsden, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, wrote in a recent blog post. “Teenagers interact with people in order to learn how to become competent adults. “青春期是一个充满著了身体、理解和情绪发展的时期,”布拉德福德大学心理学讲师帕姆·拉姆斯安在最近的博客中写到。“青少年跟周围的人产生对话,从学会如何沦为合格的大人。In the past, they would engage with parents, teachers and other adults in their community as well as extended family members and friends. Now we can also add social media to that list of social and emotional development.”在过去,他们不会跟父母,老师,社区里的其他大人以及亲戚朋友交流。


现在,社会与情绪发展表格中又多了一项社交媒体。”Throughout adolescence, girls and boys develop characteristics like confidence and self-control. Since teenage brains have not completely developed, teens dont have the cognitive awareness and impulse control to keep from posting inappropriate content. 跨越整个青春期,女孩和男孩不会发展出有热情和自律这样的品质。因为青少年的大脑还没几乎发育,他们尚能不具备充足的理解觉知和冲动掌控水平,从而很更容易在网上公布不必要的内容。

Furthermore, this content can easily be circulated far and wide with disastrous implications.更加最重要的是,这些内容不会很更容易广为传播,并产生相当严重的影响。Social media can also feed into girls’ insecurities about their appearance, Ramsden said. These sites are often filled with images of people with body type unattainable to the normal person. However, these images and the messages tied to them creep into societal standards.社交媒体某种程度不会激化女孩们对外表的不安全感,拉姆斯登说。




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