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本文摘要:China unveiled an electric self-driving heavy truck in Shanghai last Thursday, according to CCTV, which is also a world first.据CCTV报导,我国上周四在上海公布了一款无人驾驶电动重型卡车,这也是全球首款。

China unveiled an electric self-driving heavy truck in Shanghai last Thursday, according to CCTV, which is also a world first.据CCTV报导,我国上周四在上海公布了一款无人驾驶电动重型卡车,这也是全球首款。Fully developed by China, Q-Truck, the e-truck, features innovation in both design and performance.这款几乎由中国研发的电动重型卡车名为Q-Truck,在设计和性能上都有创意。It adopted a cab-less design, and installed batteries in the traditional cabin position instead.该卡车使用了无驾驶室的设计,将电池加装在了传统的驾驶舱的方位。



Facilitated by visual cameras and multiple industrial-level sensors, it has been verified to be able to maintain sound performance a variety of operating environments.通过视觉摄像机和多个工业级别的传感器,该卡车早已被证实需要在各种操作者环境下保持良好的性能。The vehicle can achieve a maximum load of 80 tons with a maximum gradeability, or its ability to climb slopes, of 15 percent, making it possible to handle load work in complicated sites. Meanwhile, it is equipped with an intelligent autonomous driving platform for various road conditions.这种车辆可以超过80吨的超大负荷载重,仅次于爬坡率为15%,使得在简单的场地处置阻抗工作沦为有可能。同时,它还配有了一个智能自律驾驶员平台,用作各种路况。Two truck models of low and high speeds can be expected in the future, which will be applied for multi-scene transport and operation, carrying containers, cargo in bulk, ore and hazardous goods.预计未来不会有两种短距离和高速的卡车型号,用作多场景运输和操作者,装载集装箱、散装货物、矿石和危险性货物。


The vehicle also boasts a round-the-clock operation free from weather effects. The performance remains stable from minus 35 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and whether the weather is stormy or dry.该车还可以昼夜作业,不不受天气影响。在零下35摄氏度到60摄氏度之间,无论天气是暴风雨还是潮湿,性能都可以保持稳定。The truck is said to be more than ten times safer than traditional ones, thanks to its self-learning and judgment capabilities.据传这辆卡车的安全性是传统卡车的十倍多,这要得益于它的自学能力和判断力。

Through multi-sensor fusion technology, the vehicle realizes full coverage using at least two sets of sensors in a 360-degree range, with the longest detection distance reaching up to 150 meters. In addition, it can effectively identify and predict the status of personnel and equipment at the port, so as to ensure a safe operation.通过多传感器融合技术,该卡车在360度范围内最少用于两组传感器构建仅有覆盖面积,仅次于观测距离平均150米。此外,它还可以有效地辨识和预测港口人员和设备的状态,从而确保安全运营。



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